I started the day early – at 5:30 I was already on my way. For the first fifty kilometres I followed the Via PanAm through the valley of Ica. Starting with kilometer fifty I entered the desert – I could see it coming, as the hills of sand were looming in the distance. Luckily enough, my prayers were answered, and there were some clouds coverig the scorching sun. Things got a bit difficult four hours into the ride – at 9:30 the thermomether was showing 31.7 degrees Celsius, and all around was desert.

Day 2_go right

Around noon I reached Palpa, just in time for a hefty lunch. But wait, the day is not over – the hostel is four kilometers and another hill away. With new forces I mount the bike, and ride up in the midday sun to finally reached the place where I will stay for the night.

A bit worried…
Day 2_preocupied

as it is 9:30, there are 31.7C already, and when I look left I see this:
Day 2_left

when I look right I see this:
Day 2_right

in front this:
Day 2_front

and in the back this:
Day 2_back

But what a view…