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Day 1: Pisco to Ica via Paracas (12.03, 77 km)

I was very excited and I barely slept. I had some bites for breakfast, and at 5:30 I was all prepared and climbed the  bicycle heading to Paracas. I took the road parallel to the ocean, which takes a left turn to join the Panamericana Sur. But before saying adiós to the Pacific for three months at least, I stopped to take a last photo – there was nobody around, only some dogs, one of them very friendly.


Everything went quite smooth, and the adrenaline was flooding my system for the entire day. The road was very good, with a wide shoulder where I could ride safely, and the truck drivers were quite cautious when passing next to me. Starting with 10 AM the heat became stronger and stronger. It reached 31.5 Celsius when I finally arrived in Ica. Tomorrow will be a difficult day – 100 km, out of which half through scorching desert. I just pray it will be cloudy!

The day before, in Pisco.


  1. Neha

    Way to Go!! ..Wish you Good Luck!!

    • Cosmin

      Thank you Neha!

  2. Benedikta

    Feliz Viaje!!!!!

    • Cosmin

      Gracias querida!

  3. Tom Sutton

    Safe journey mate.

    • Cosmin

      Thanks mate!

  4. ciocan165

    Bafta moshule. Nu uita de apa. Eu sunt la Bologna la curs.

    • Cosmin

      Mulțumesc moshule! Îți spun cum a fost azi.

  5. Ina

    Unde e steagul???

  6. Andrei

    ceviche 🙂 a fost bun, nu?

    • Cosmin

      Ca la mama lui!

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