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Day 3: Palpa to Nasca (14.03, 50 km)

The night was noisy, hot and a mosquito was assaulting me. The way to Nasca was passing through barren desert – I was pushing through, so that I could finish before eleven, to escape the heat. The road was in perfect shape, so I could reach 25 kph for a while. But then some short climbs appeared, and I had to sweat and also learned my lesson: the average speed on a steep climb is 5 (five) kilometers per hour. This is why I will rest here for one day before starting the very difficult climb – I will have to push the 120 kilos of me, gear and bike to 2,400 meters. From now on the difficult part starts. I will probably have no internet for the next two weeks, so updates will take some time.



  1. Sarah

    Way to go 🙂
    I really love following your tour via blog! All the best for the next kilometers!!

  2. Jair

    Qué chévere la foto de la bicicleta con el cartel!

    • Cosmin

      Gracias amigo!

  3. mirko

    May the force be with you. Have fun and power. How is your ass doing? 🙂

    • Cosmin

      Hey Mirko! I’m OK, my ass so and so – I have this saddle from SQ Labs, should be very confortable, but I guess I still need time to get used to it.

  4. Cosmin

    Thank you Sarah! Did you get the postcard?

  5. Sarah

    Not yet – I am looking forward to it 🙂

  6. osu

    Oltene, vezi ca se-nvarte lanțu buei…

    • Cosmin

      Hehe! Pe aia o mai ții minte: “băiatu’, vezi că ți-au căzut banii”

  7. ciocan165

    Bravo moshule, baga mare, nimic nu e prea greu pt tine, nimic nu te poate infrange. Succes in continuare.

    • Cosmin

      Moshule, am reusit! Dupa zece ore si jumatate am trecut de varful de 4.100 de metri (Pampa Galeras) si am ajuns in Lucanas. Acum sunt in Puquio, stau astazi si maine sa ma refac. Sambata incep din nou, de data asta trebuie sa ajung la 4.500 de metri.

  8. mircea

    bai, iti trimit niste spițe la pachet ?

    • Cosmin

      Da, n-ar fi rau. Baga si o pedala daca ai.

  9. osu

    “bhaaaa, nu-i lăsați să-mi ia aparatu'”

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