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Day 24: Xapuri to Capixaba (14.04, 107 km)

The day was again monotone – cattle ranches left and right. What a change from the lush jungle in Bolivia or from the diversity of Peru!

I met early morning a cowboy crew who were moving some hundred or more cattle.



Although cloudy, from 10 AM the temperature reached 40°C and it stayed like this throught the day. As I had to pedal 100 km, I had a lot of time to think. The day before I looked at the map of Brasil, and was struck by the huge distance I have to cover. Today I checked my GPS, and there are a bit more than 4,000 kilometers to São Paulo. All this, combined with the heat, with being in a totally new country, with a new language, made me think if I will have the strength to reach the Atlantic coast.


  1. Nicu

    Hai Cosmine ca se poate – ai 4000 in fata dar sunt plati, greul a trecut. Pun pariu ca unde peisajul nu va ajuta oameni vor face treaba asta .

    Baga mare – mergi dimineatza evita aia 40 de grade ca nu e treaba .. si vorba cea invarte roata – drumul te va rasplatii.

    PS Weekndu’ asta pedalam si in Romania – Bucuresti – Calarasi – Vama. Bem o bere si pt tine.

    Bafta !!!

    • Cosmin

      Mă gândesc la un plan B – ultimii 500 de kilometri am vazut numai pașuni și vaci. Și sate/orașe să mai schimbi o vorba cu unul, cu altul sunt cam unul la 50 km.

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