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Day 25: Capixaba to Rio Branco (15.04, 84 km)

On the road I met Elias Rosa, a Brazilian cyclist who is pedalling across the continent for almost twenty years.


While I was chatting with him, a boy came around, looking at my bicycle. He grabbed the handlebar, and I thought he was just interested. Then a rapid exchange of words between Elias and the boy started, and I see Elias reaching inside his luggage for something (I will later find out it was his machete). In the same time the boy runs to the fence on the side of the road and pulls out a vertical wood plank. Happily it was just a show-off, and after exchanging some more words the boy left. What happened – the boy wanted to steal my bicycle, Elias told him to get lost and then things got a bit heated up. I hope that this will not be my usual day for the next two months.


  1. Ina

    Postarile tale s-au scurtat… Se vede ca nu iti plac locurile prin care treci.

    • Cosmin

      Da, a fost foarte monoton. Eram și abătut din cauza asta, dar acum e mai bine, când ajung în Porto Velho mă voi gândii la planul B. Ultimele zile au fost mai OK, am mai vorbit cu oameni, etc.

  2. Anonymous

    man! better get a machete yourself! 😉 love from berlin!

    • Cosmin

      I thought so, but will just increase the load I carry.

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