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Day 32: Arinos to Pintópolis (30.04, 133 km)

I headed to Urcuia pedaling fast, because from there I was facing around 80 kilometers of dirt road to Pintópolis. From distance the road looked fine, if a bit dusty. Even better, I thought, means it’s dry. I let air off the tyres, so they have like 3.5 – 4 bars, and I start on what looks like a good road.


But no, it was not good. It was bad. It was mean. It was evil. It was as if Satan of the bicycle world designed this dirt road. All along the 80 kilometers there were these transversal bumps, maybe three centimeters tall and 40 centimeters apart, which made the whole ride feel like riding a pickhammer.


Where there were no bumps, it was sandy and felt like Paris-Dakar. It took me 12 hours to reach Pintópolis, way after darkness fell. But I was warmly welcomed by senhor Antônio who lodged me in his pousada and I finished the long day in front of a cold beer!


  1. FAB-DAB

    As long as the days end well…we don´t worry. Time to look for better underground.

    • Cosmin

      Yeah, unfortunatelly still some chão to come…

  2. Jair

    Qué camino tan horrible. Entiendo lo que debes haber sentido, porque hace unos dias, cuando entré a la Reserva de Paracas con mi auto, tuve que ir durante 40 minutos por un camino con bumps iguales. Pensé que mi auto se iba a romper en pedazos!

    • Cosmin

      Sí, y ademas tuvo que pedalear mas de siete horas en este camino infernal!

  3. Joan

    Ahahah I commiserate so much with you Cosmin, those are the kind of roads around Kahama and you are right: if they have roads in Hell, they probably look like this. Pole sana bwana. Alefa, I am here following you!

    • Cosmin

      Asante sana!

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