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Day 33: Pintópolis to Brasília de Minas (01.05, 113 km)

The day before took its toll on me: everything hurts this morning.

image I am happy though that there is only asphalt from now on, at least until Montes Claros. I tell myself that if the scenery is not so thrilling, I’d better spend the day talking to as many people as possible.

I take some photos while ferrying the São Francisco river, on the ferry:

and off the ferry:

The nicest moment of the day was the stop I made to have a snack at a restaurant on the way. Here I had a very nice talk with the lady who was running the place.


These moments when I am connecting to random people on the way fill me with so much joy and give me the power to continue.

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  1. rafael

    óla tudo bem como vc esta chegou em sua casa bem a viagem foi traquila

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