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Brasília (27.04)

image Brasília, the centuries-old dream of a capital for the republican Brasil was made reality during President Juscelino Kubitschek’s mandate from 1956 to 1961. The city and its impressive buildings which started as sketches on the drawing boards of Lúcio Costa and Oscar Niemeyer were built ex nihilo in only 41 months by an ambitious nation asserting itself on the world stage.

A UNESCO World Heritage site, Brasília is a fine example of a Modernist utopia which also marked the end of an epoch.

I spent here two days, going aroud the city, being amazed by its buildings and meeting wonderful people. image image image image
image image image image



  1. Jair Zuta La Rosa

    Que maravilha! É uma cidade única. Você entrou à catedral? Sei que o camino até o espacio central é uma experiência “overwhelming”.

    • Cosmin

      Si, fue una experiencia maravillosa. Entre en la catedral, es un edificio impresionante. Por lo tanto, muy dificil a fotografear.

  2. Friederike

    Impressive pictures Cosmin! Looks a bit like a city where buildings have taken over…where are all the people?

    • Cosmin

      Thank you! The buildings are really monumental, people seem dwarfed by them. But also, I took the photos like this on purpose.

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