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Where is the bicycle?

So what do you do if you want to transport a bicycle in the plane? Well, you call the airline before, tell them about your plan, and ask them if there is anything special you should do, if they require a special box, and how much it costs. The guy on the phone tells you: put the handlebar parrallel to the frame, pack it in a box (no special one required) and we transport it for free as sports equipment.

You get to the airport – they tell you “well, it costs 150 EUR to transport it”. Then they change their mind, charge me 100 EUR, and finally I check in the bike. I board the plane, 10 minutes before take off a staff member comes to me : “Mr. Olteanu, we cannot board your bicycle, the box is too big for this plane, you should have told us the box size (!). But don´t worry, we put it in the plane leaving tomorrow, it´s a bigger one”. Today I go to the AirFrance office in Lima to check where is the box. Surprise, it got lost…

So now I am trying to stay positive while asking myself: “Where is the bicycle?”


Update Friday, 06.03: I was at the AirFrance office in San Isidro. It may be that the bicycle could arrive this Sunday evening. The trip did not even start, but I had my share of adrenaline already. Let’s see what happens on Sunday!


  1. Benedikta Toelke

    Omg. But all will be good. By the time you finish visiting your friends it will be there. The box is too big to get lost for a long time..just take a deeeeeeep breath. You have coped with worth …

    • Cosmin

      I try to take a deeeeeep breath. I don´t want to buy a Chinese bicycle here…

  2. ester

    air france.. the only thing they are good at is the food & wine.. poor cosmin!

    • Cosmin

      AirFrance oh my oh my. Let´s see what happens – I will call the Lima airport tonight again. Untill now I was at the Lima office, I called AirFrance Europe, and what I got was “we are still searching for your luggage”.

  3. mirko

    You did not even start and already you have a story to tell. This trip will be full of memories of all kinds. Just amazing.

  4. ciocan165

    Ca sa vezi…intrebarea este:????????
    Lasa moshule ca o sa fie bine, vine ea si bicicleta, important este sa fi calm si sa nu te enervezi. Poti sa te duci la ambasada Romaniei si sa le spui: “sunt cetatean european si am drepturi”…. E posibil asa ceva???

  5. Friederike

    Oh dear! Air france is indeed a complete desaster, couldn’t agree more…but your bike will come, no worries! Don’t forget to claim reparation payments and then take off with your bike and a fat cheque to be used on a good party after having managed day 5 on the bike!

  6. ciocan165

    So pe ei moshule. Sa fi rau….aaaaaa mai bine nu…..
    Moshule, sa fi zen, sa te concentrezi in directia buna si sa nu te lasi afectat de mici hopuri. Se va rezolva si va fi bine. Fi calm si nu te stesa. Ai grija de tine.

    • Cosmin

      Multumesc mult moshule!

  7. Andreas

    It`s a sign.. you should stay with your friends and get drunk every night.

  8. mircea

    make sure you ask them compensation. you will easily get a voucher for your return flight 😉

  9. FAB-DAB

    Glad the bike arrived…enjoy the first day ride.

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