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Waiting is over

Preparations are finished, everything packed neatly and waiting to board tomorrow morning on the flight to Lima (via Paris). Just a final check-up to make sure everything is in place:

Kit review

I made a bit of research before, so here are some items which should come in very handy during the tour:

Kindle Paperwhite
MP 3 player (Sansa Fuse)
water filter (Sawyer Mini)
Original Anti Monkey Butt powder
Spokey spoke tool
Fire Steel
WD-40 grease spray
my Swiss Army knife of course (Huntsman model)
watertight pouches (for documents and important papers)
Third Eye

Ortlieb folding bowl (to take a shower, carry stuff, etc)
Washing net-bags (to organize gear)
TeckNet power pack


  1. FAB-DAB

    Hurray – safe trip and memorable impressions:) – can´t wait till you get back.

  2. Ina

    O sa ne gandim la tine in fiecare zi!!! Sa nu te ratacesti!

  3. Tom Sutton

    Best of luck with it mate. Cheers.

  4. CR, STECO :)

    Safe trip and get your target done! Supporters are all over around, Cheers.

  5. Jenny

    Safe flight Cosmin!!! what’s on the kindle? … 🙂

  6. mircea

    way to go..! looking forward for the next stages

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