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Day 27: Nova Califórnia to Vista Alegre do Abunã (19.04, 103 km)

Because of the hour change I left quite late, at 7:30, but as it was a normal day there was nothing to worry about. It is quite hot, aproaching 40 degrees at 9 AM, and it will stay at 40 and above throughout the day. The scenery is the same I saw for the last 500 km, and the road also – going up and down like a rollercoaster, which is quite annoying for long distances as it is breaking your rhytm.


I pedal theough the heat, and before three I reach Vista Alegre do Abunã, but when I am about to enter the village I realize I have a flat tyre in the back. I replace the tube, and after finding a hostel and taking a shower I reward myself with dinner and an ice-cold Itaipava.


  1. FAB-DAB

    I am looking forward to Plan B as you want to see an interesting landscape and not just uniformity…

    • Cosmin

      Brasília here we come !

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