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Puerto Maldonado (09.04)

I had two full days in Puerto Maldonado. I went to the doctor, and the very nice Dra. Rocio M. Castañeda from the Centro Médico Cubamedic looked at my knee, and said that there is nothing major, only some tendon is a bit inflamated. I got a cream, patches and an elastic bandage. I also had the time to “tropicalize” my gear.

Guess what goes out and what comes in?

Later I went to the best bike repair shop in Puerto Maldonado and there my friend Moises fixed my wheels and the handlebar, and told me about the two Peruvians I met on day 16 while going down to Marcapata. They got their camera stolen on the way and the phone in Cusco. He was saying: “we people from the jungle keep our soul in our palm”. I can only testify to that.

Tomorrow I will cross the Continental bridge and head to Brasil.
Puente continental


  1. FAB-DAB

    Bom dia:) – and we are all looking forward to the next post.

    • Cosmin

      Sim senhor!

  2. Ina

    Organizat ca intotdeauna! Pacat ca nu pot si copiii sa iti verifice echipamentul… Sa stii ca nu recunoastem crocsii si nici pelerina de ploaie!

    • Cosmin

      Am cumparat crocsii si pelerina din Puerto Maldonado. Stii ce bine e sa nu mai cari atatea dupa tine…

  3. Simona

    Hey Minucule, curand boa dias in brazilia deci :-). Ma bucur si obrigado ca avem iar vesti si poze de la tine!! O sa ne gandim duminica la tine si o sa ciocnim un ou rosu si pentru tine! Te pupam cu drag.

    • Cosmin

      Va pup si eu! Christos a inviat!

  4. Bertolt

    Hi Cosmin,
    very good descriptions of all whats going on on your trail. Get your sore knee into shape and all the best for Brasil.
    Best, Bertolt

    • Cosmin

      Hey, mister Bertolt! Very nice surprise, thank you for the comment. I am in Brasil now, a place called Capixaba. It is so different from Peru, seems another world. I am getting accustomed to Portughese now, and to the food. Apart from this, it is very hot – today 40C basically the whole day. All the best!

  5. simona

    Christos a Inviat, Minucule! Tocmai am pus cozonacii in cuptor 🙂 si m-am gandit sa-ti scriu. Poate ne auzim maine, te pup, surioara

    • Cosmin

      Adevarat a inviat! Mi s-a facut pofta de cozonaci si oua rosii…

  6. Patrick

    Estimado Cosmin, ¿Como estas? ¿Por donde estas ahora?, gracias por haber llegado al Pueblo Verde, gracias por dejar toda tu buena energia, un abrazo amigo viajero del tiempo.
    Buen viaje.

    • Cosmin

      Amigo!!! Que sorpresa! Muchas gracias para tu mensaje. Ya estoy en Brasil, recien he llegado a Capixaba. Como vas a ver, he pasado por Bolivia un poco. Fue una ruta un poco dificil, pero bastante interesante. Un abrazo fuerte amigo y seguimos en contacto!

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