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Atlantic is getting closer (04.05)

I took two full days to recover in Montes Claros, days which my shaken and exhausted arms and legs were screaming for. Until now I rode more than 3,000 kilometers, and only 700 are left.

Tomorrow morning I will head East to Porto Seguro, state of Bahia (which despite the name is not so seguro, being ranked 12th in Brasil’s top 300 most violent cities, with a homicide rate of 105.9 per 100,000 inhabitants). But this city has something which makes it very appealing to me: it lies on the Atlantic coast.

I plan to do the 700 kilometers in eight étapes, and the planning was not so easy because of several reasons: there are more than 150 kilometers of dirt road, the area is quite sparcely populated, and I will have to climb (again) to 1,100 meters (only).

After I reach Porto Seguro, I will take a bus to Rio. I already have my flip flops and my surf shorts ready!


  1. Ina

    Am pus berea la rece!

    • Cosmin

      Aiiii, îmi lasă gura apă deja!

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