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Doors and gates (30.03)

During this trip I was using the camera (much) more than I usually do. This made me more attentive to the shapes and colours around me. Somehow I became aware of the diversity of the doors and gates I encountered until now. Apart form this diversity, the meaning of these doors and gates is fascinating: sometimes they hide something, sometimes they reveal something, sometimes they are just the starting point of a beautiful path to who knows where and what. Sometimes you are lucky enough to spot a locked gate with no wall around and a sheep on top:a locked gate with no wall

or a gate to the mountaina gate to the mountain


and a gate nobody ever walked througha gate nobody ever walked through


or a fhe flower gatethe flower gate


a door with balconythe door with the balcony


a blue doorthe blue door


and a red doorred door


and what more intriguing than a door within a door?door within the door


  1. Ina

    Foarte frumoase pozele. Ai ochi bun…

    • Cosmin

      Multumesc. Si eu sunt surprins.

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