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Day 9: Pampamarca Alto to Chalhuanca (23.03, 83km)

23.03_1_this is what I see when I wake upI woke up to see snow all around. Somehow it gave me a funny feeling of excitement, and with adrenaline pumping in my blood, I started to climb. It took around eight kilometers in order to reach 4,500 meters again, followed by a 70 kilometer ride down in the spectacular Chalhuanca river canyon, surrounded by steep slopes and impressive waterfalls. The wind was so strong that I had to take care not to lose my balance on the bike, but when I finally reached the city, I was at 3,000 meters and the weather was warm and balmy.

At the end of the climb
23.03_2_up hill

On the way down

The Chalhuanca river canion

One of the waterfalls on the way
23.03_5_cascada impresionanta

Two women…


  1. Ina

    Olteanu. Cosmin Olteanu. Asa arati!

    • Cosmin

      🙂 ce sa mai zic 🙂

  2. Anibal

    Cosmin, ¡Lo máximo! subiendo la cordillera de Los Andes, your picture two women I like, y esas medias pffffffff pareces un explorador.

    • Cosmin

      Muchas gracias amigo!

  3. Sarah

    Hey, we got something in common – snow also in Berlin 😛

    • Cosmin

      Oh my, put on your ski gear!

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