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Day 7: Puquio to truck stop (21.03, 35 km)

21.03_1_the bicycleWas a short ride from Puquio to the next point – a truck stop 35 kilometres away and 4,200 meters high. There was not so much happening on the way, just a bit of hail half way into the ride and I finally managed to do some truck surfing. How do you do this? Well, there are some prerequisites – first you need to find a truck which is going really slow, around 15 kilometres per hour. Then, it has to have something that you can hold on to into the back. And last, timing is important, because you have to reach the same speed the truck has before holding on to it. It was quite cool to be able to hold on to it while going up, but it is not possible to do it for more than 20 minutes or so, as the hand and the whole upper body get painful quick.

I arrived at the truck stop where I got a very warm welcome and spent a very nice time, having fun and learning to cook sudado de trucha.

21.03_2_cooking sudado de trucha

The night was cold and terribly windy – I was so thankful that I could sleep in the dining room and not in the tent outside!


  1. Tom

    Awesome, Cosmin. You’ll be a lean, mean fighting machine but the time this is over.

    • Cosmin


  2. Bertolt

    Cosmin, well done. It Looks like you are on your way to a hell of experience. Keep safe anyway and enjoy whatever comes next. I would love to share the food you are having there. Keep going!!

    • Cosmin

      Thanks a lot Bertolt!

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