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Day 14: Cusco to Urcos (01.04, 51km)

After having breakfast with my host I set off to Urcos. The route was mainly going down and the day went by quick. On the way I stopped in Andahuaylillas to look at the church there, a fine example of the so-called Baroc Andino (and also known as the Sistine Chapel of America).

Day 14_Andahuaylillas church

I arrived in Urcos to find a rainy Plaza de Armas and a noisy hostel. Somehow the descent from Cusco was cold and the traffic was heavy and full of exhaust fumes, so when I arrived I was feeling a bit ill, went straight to bed, and woke up for dinner just to go to bed again shortly.

Day 14_Plaza de Urcos


  1. FAB-DAB

    Now we know that you only have about 4600 km ahead of you…at least the Andes are history for this tour and the steamy low lands are welcoming you…Continuous strength for the next stages.

    • Cosmin


  2. El espléndido tío

    Shoudn’t you have written instead of
    “After having breakfast with my host I set off to CUSCO”…

    “After having breakfast with my host I set off to URCOS” ?

    That would make sense to me.
    Buena suerte, querido sobrino!

    El espléndido tío

    • Cosmin

      Chiar la tine ma gandeam acum dragule! Multumesc de observatie, am corectat. Va imbratisez!

  3. mircea

    zici ca e la noi la crangasi la statia lu 41

    • Cosmin


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