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Day 13: Ancahuasi to Cusco (29.03, 45 km)

I had breakfast with my host, Señor Honoratus, said goodbye and went towards Cusco.


It was a short ride and a beautiful day, and I was able to catch a last glimpse of the mighty peak I saw the day before.

03.29_2_last view of the migh ty peak

I made it to Cusco just in time to take a shower and have a nice lunch and a walk around the city with Mariela and Carlos Julio. What a nice coincidence to meet again in Cusco, after saying good-bye in Lima more than two weeks ago!


  1. Ina

    Ce oameni prietenosi si generosi! Si ce bine ca vorbesti spaniola! Nu de alta, dar ai fi pierdut o multime de experiente interesante! Ai fi trecut prin toate locurile astea fara sa simti ‘human touch’-ul…

    • Cosmin

      Asa este, sa stii. Ma simt foarte bine aici.

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