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Day 10: Chalhuanca to Abancay (24.03, 122 km)

In theory this was supposed to be an easy day – 114 kilometres going down from 3,000 meters to 1,700 meters, and then eight kilometres to go up to 2,400 meters.


Well, in reality it was one of the most difficult days – the wind was blowing so strong from the East (straight from the front) that I had to pedal all the way going down. Still, the effort was worth it and the route was spectacular: I was accompanied all the way by the cicada songs (it was so loud that at first I thought something is wrong with the bicycle), birds chirping and butterflies flying. After ten long hours I finally reached the chaotic city of Abancay, the capital of Apurímac Region, where I will rest for the next two days.
The mighty Chalhuanca river

My climbing fingers started itching

What would the señor take first, the denuncio or the linchamiento?
24.03_4_ce preferi


  1. FAB-DAB

    Very nice pictures all together and bravo for sticking to the master plan…

    • Cosmin

      Thank you mission control!

  2. simona

    ce poze frumoase! NE uitam cu bunicii la tine:-)
    Te pupa cu drag nepoteii!
    Ai grija de tine si te sarutam

    • Cosmin

      Multumesc! Va pup si eu!

  3. Leon

    Awesome Pics
    What camera did you use?

    • Cosmin

      Thanks a lot mate! JI use a Canon Powershot camera.

  4. simona

    Ce frumoase poze, MInucule. Ne-am uitat cu puii si cu bunicii ! Iti tinem pumnii sa ai vreme buna ! te pupam cu drag!

    • Cosmin

      Multumesc! Va sarut!

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