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Day 20: Puerto Maldonado to Alerta (10.04, 123 km)

The weather was perfect in the morning: some clouds scattered across the sky, quite cool and no rain.


Still, at noon the thermometer was showing 38°C, so I stopped for lunch in Mavila to avoid the heat. I had a good rhytm and after nine hours and a half I reached Alerta.


Tomorrow I want to go through Bolivia via San Lorenzo/Extrema. This would be my only chance to cross Bolivia and go through less populated jungle. I heard various comments, from “this is an area where narcotraficantes are roaming” to “it is very nice there and the nature is quite wild”.

The red route is the Interoceanica. To the West is Peru and to the North is Brasil. I want to take the grey route.

According to the map key, the grey route stands for “Unsurfaced road (4 WD advised)”. The people I asked said that the road is relativelly bad. Looking at the full half of the glass, this means also relativelly good. Let’s see how my 1WD will manage…


  1. mircea

    Bai bine ca ai pus poze mai mici ca se incarcau f greu. Vezi cu Bolivia aia, nu ma ingrijoreaza traficantii ca nu au treaba cu biciclistii dar s-ar putea ca drumul prost sa iti joace feste. Cat ai de mers ?

    • Cosmin

      Da, am vazut ca se incarca usor. Multumesc de sfat. Ai dreptate, drumul a fost cam greu. Am curatat la noi bai nene, se lipea ca plastilina de roti. Am mers cam 70 – 80 de km pe drum de tara cum ar veni…

  2. mircea

    Cred ca ai vrut sa zici 2WD.. 😉

    • Cosmin

      nu ma, 1WD, ca am o sindura roata motoare, aia din spate

  3. osu

    Dacă te întâlnești cu traficanții pun pariu ca o sa ai brusc mai multa energie.

    • Cosmin

      Pă sisteeem! Mai ții minte?

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