Pacific to Atlantic

by bicycle

Day 38: Cariri to Pedra Grande (08.05, 94 km)

I left Cariri prepared for 60 kilometers of estrada de chão (dirt road). What I was not really prepared for was the rain. Not really the best weather for this type of road.


After the last experience with chão, I let air of the tyres so they were half-flat. The rain was not so heavy, and it stopped after a couple of hours.


I arrived in Pedra Grande, a cosy little town, and found food and accomodation in the house of senhora Maria de Graça, a very open and friendly person, who invited me later in the evening to her house to show me the family photos.


  1. Ce frumos se desfasoara panglica drumului! Sa luam si o amarula?

  2. Baboiu’ blestemat!

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