Pacific to Atlantic

by bicycle

Day 39: Pedra Grande to Jacinto (09.05, 90 km)

The day is cloudy and it looks like it will rain. Through the mist I see the rocks appearing here and there, like popping out from the earth below.


The dirt road is by now all wet, and it rains again making it really bad. I also had my first fall of the entire trip on this road:


But approaching Jacinto the road becomes dry and the skies clear up. I am counting the days left to reach the coast. If everything goes according to the plan, I will be at the Atlantic in three days!




  1. Qué chéveres los paisajes. Puedo ver que se han vuelto mucho más interesantes ahora.

  2. Mai ai putin! Sau sa ne pregatim cu un Leberwurst?

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