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Day 41: Salto da Divisa to Eunápolis (11.05, 84 km)

This is the last ride before the big day tomorrow. Weather is good, skies clear, and the first part of the day was very calm, because I was riding on a secondary road.


After passing the village of Itagimirim I turned right on the main road. While I was pedalling a motorcycle driver stoped and talked to me – he was a member of the cycling club in Eunápolis. He was curious about my journey, so we talked, exchanged contacts and took some photos. After one more hour I was in Eunápolis, and when the evening came I took a walk around the city, did some shopping and meet the head of the cycling club for a chat.


  1. …exista un proverb românesc pe care vreau sa ti-l reamintesc: “Cum iti asterni, asa dormi”. Ti-ai “asternut” bine etapele acestei utopii împlinite, Cosmin. Dovada e ca vei ajunge in sfîrșit la Rio, la plajă, la samba, adica la ceea ce înseamnă Brazilia pentru noi. Acum ai spus povestea ta adevarata si ne-am adus aminte ca, de fapt, e mult mai mult…
    Nós agradecemos muito, viajante infatigável!

  2. Atunci punem de-un sushi vegetarian, ce zici? Marti suntem toata ziua la cumparaturi… Netto, Lidl si Edeka, pregatiti-va ca venim!!!

  3. Ciao Minucule, ei, cand vedem sambadromul?

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