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Day 32: Arinos to Pintópolis (30.04, 133 km)

I headed to Urcuia pedaling fast, because from there I was facing around 80 kilometers of dirt road to Pintópolis. Continue reading

Day 31: Cabeceiras to Arinos (29.04, 110 km)

I am in a higher area, a bit more than 1,000 meters above sea level, so the scenery is quite different. Continue reading

Day 30: Brasília to Cabeceiras (28.04, 144 km)

I left Brasília early morning, prepared for a long ride. Going out of the city was quite easy, despite the maze of highways, express ways and streets. Continue reading

Brasília (27.04)

image Brasília, the centuries-old dream of a capital for the republican Brasil was made reality during President Juscelino Kubitschek’s mandate from 1956 to 1961. Continue reading

Porto Velho and Plan B (23.04)

I had two full days to gather my forces and relax in Porto Velho. I also had time to figure out the plan B, as I do not want to pedal through the endless soy fields of Mato Grosso. So today I went to the central bus terminal and bought my ticket to Brasília. I leave tomorrow afternoon, and will arrive in a couple of days. From there I continue pedalling to the Atlantic coast. I do not know yet which route I will take, but I am sure that during the long bus ride I will gather some information from the fellow passangers!

Day 29: Jirau to Porto Velho (21.04, 135 km)

It was a very hot and noisy night, and I only slept four hours. My host came in the morning with coffee, and I said goodbye to her and her three grandsons (Joshua, the youngest of the boys wanted to come with me). The heat seemed even stronger today, and it was 40°C already at 9 AM. Continue reading

Day 28: Vista Alegre do Abunã to Jirau (20.04, 133 km)

Because of the time change I woke up very early this morning. Had a short breakfast and a chat with a doctor from the Brazilian Red Cross who was comuting back and forth between Jirau and Porto Velho (the capital of Rondônia state and my intermediary destination). I started going against the morning sun, and after two hours I reached the huge Rio Madeira Continue reading

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