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Day 38: Cariri to Pedra Grande (08.05, 94 km)

I left Cariri prepared for 60 kilometers of estrada de chão (dirt road). What I was not really prepared for was the rain. Not really the best weather for this type of road.

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Day 37: Salinas to Cariri (07.05, 120 km)


During the last days the scenery became more and more interesting – rivers, mountains, meadows replaced the usual pastures. Still, my mind is already racing to the Atlantic, so it is a bit hard to focus on the scenery. Continue reading

Day 36: Barrocão to Salinas (06.05, 130 km)

Salinas is the Brazilian capital of cachaça – the hostel I was staying in was offering free coffee to its guests, and next to it was standing a huge jar of cachaça with a tap. Continue reading

Day 35: Montes Claros to Barrocão (05.05, 92 km)


This is how the plan for the last stretch before reaching the Atlantic shore looks like. Continue reading

Atlantic is getting closer (04.05)

I took two full days to recover in Montes Claros, days which my shaken and exhausted arms and legs were screaming for. Until now I rode more than 3,000 kilometers, and only 700 are left. Continue reading

Day 34: Brasília de Minas to Montes Claros (02.05, 107 km)

Four days ago was the birthday of my father, who passed away in 2012. Here he is with me and my sister in a photo took when he was young and I wasn’t dreaming of crossing South America:
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Day 33: Pintópolis to Brasília de Minas (01.05, 113 km)

The day before took its toll on me: everything hurts this morning.

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